Ventura Downtown Hillside – Under Design

Designer: J Weir Masterworks, Inc. 
Budget: 2.25m  |  Square footage: 2,450 + site
Info: We were sought out for a ground up 3 story residence to create the design/build process that we are known for. The advantage to design build is a single source of contact that can turn around changes and adjustments instantly in the office and implemented in the field. Additionally it reduces the costs of the project as a bonus.  We were able to reduce the architecture cost by 50% and construction cost by 20%, saving the final built project 15% while adding to a faster time line and eliminating months of carrying costs. This is a hillside ground up residential project we will design and then break ground and build.  We have completed schematic design and are reviewing the projects feasibility. 

Montecito Studio

Designer: ShubinDonaldson 
Budget: 945k  |  Square footage: 785
Info: We were sought out for the project by the architect.  Signed a pre-construction agreement with the client.  We built a budget and schedule and we were approved to pull permits and start working.  This is a challenging, technical project typical of ShubinDonaldson.  Remove 500 cubic yards of hillside, relocate large palm trees with a crane, bring in utilities 400′, core and pour caissons, dig, form and pour a 100% concrete structure, water proof, plaster and bring the hillside back over the structure as if it was never disturbed. We also replaced 15 exterior doors and painted 40 windows on the main house. We repaired a leaking roof and a handful of skylights with drywall and painting repairs, built plastered sight walls and a new concrete driveway with traffic loops and freshly painted automatic doors. The project came in under budget by 4% and under schedule by 3 weeks. 

Ventura, Pierpont Beach House – Under Construction / Completion Nov 2019

Designer: arketype architects inc.
Budget: 2.45m  |  Square footage: 1,375 + site
Info: JWMW interviewed and was selected as the contractor to remodel a California Beach Bungalow.  We finished the cost worksheet, forecasted the budget, pulled the permit and have finished demo, framing, mechanical and are now into the finishes.  We went to the studs inside and out.  We kept 5% of the original project…a few stud walls and 75% of the existing slab.  This home has all the highest level details and finishes.  Flush base, flush wall tiles, aviation garage door, reglet details, kerfed jambs, hand plastered interior walls with trim less lighting, solar and a smart home system managing the security, audio, visual and automatic shades. JWMW was not just reponsable for the entire build, but was responsible for the entire site design, hardscape, trellis, art panels, gates, interior design, interior finishes and detailing.

Montecito Estate 

Designer: AB design studio, inc.
Interior Designer: House of Honey, Inc.
Budget: 3.75m  |  Square footage: 2,426 + site
Info: JWMW interviewed and was selected as the contractor to remodel a 1,000 sq ft existing structure, add a 550 sq ft master suite, detached 675 sq ft guest house, detached carport and full site overhaul including stone walls quarried directly onsite, a pool and site work.  Our scope of work was for the shell and rough-in.  We handled all the concrete, framing, metal standing seam roofing, door and window installs, rough mechanical, site utilities and detailed the siding and decks. The client is a high level interior designer and she took the project through the interior finishes with her team of contractors.  The home automation and theater are full custom in all fashions to top this project off.  We kept 3-5% of the original house.

Santa Barbara Yards

Designer: J Weir Masterworks, Inc.
Budget: 1.2m  |  Square footage: n/a
Info: With a 10+ year client relationship we were contacted to build a few gates.  That grew into a full front and backyard project.  This was hand built in the field over the course of 3.5 years.  We ended up replacing 6 gates, fences and adding many elements to create a better living quality; trellis, poured in place concrete, built in seating, out door warming fires, refreshment bar, hot grill, backlit outdoor shower and private art walls.  

Santa Barbara County – Ranch Tiny Home

Designer: J Weir Masterworks, Inc.
Budget: 65k  |  Square footage: 110
Info: Building on a return relationship we handle the design and build on all of the owner’s personal homes and commercial business spaces.  This project is located on a private ranch with (120) 100 acre parcels with access to world class surf breaks.  We camped on location where we remodeled an existing Tough Shed that was in very poor shape.  When you have 110 square feet with a program to sleep 4, a working kitchen and a bath, the challenge becomes very enjoyable.  This project is off the grid.  A well supplies the water, it is equipped with solar,  a back up generator and waste is dealt with by a peat moss eco toilet.  We added new awning windows, exterior siding, paint, insulation, cladded the interior walls and cabinets with T & G pine, a cedar ceiling, bamboo flooring and wired for lighting.  All the hardware is stainless steel to match the sink and countertop.  Plenty of  storage is provided without crowding the space.  We have a pull out kitchen table and a drawer rated at 500lb to carry an ice chest below it.  This project with critical design will provide decades of family enjoyment and access to great surf memories.

Ventura Downtown Commercial 

Designer: arketype architects inc.
Budget: 325k  |  Square footage: n/a
Info: This is a client that we have worked with for a few years.  The project  finished on budget with very tight tolerances and tough field conditions.  We built modern work spaces, enclosed office spaces, reception area, cladded walls and circulation features. We built a Parklex rain screen facade connected with aluminum framing to create a deck space where we wood framed and laid out 1,000 sq ft of ipe decking.  The deck and stair systems were fabricated with stainless steel hand and guard rails cladded in polycarbonate.

Ventura Hillside

Designer: J Weir Masterworks, Inc.
Budget: 435k  |  Square footage: 2,350 + site
Info: Joshua has been working with this client for a number of years on many projects.  This project will get a full interior/exterior/front/back yard remodel over the course of the next 4-5 years.  Not one surface will go untouched. We have completed the hillside orchard with staircase and railings, the 2 east wing bedrooms, garage, master bath, front and back yards.  We are currently kicking around designs for the main living spaces or go up with a second story for the third phase.

Ventura Ranch House

Designer: J Weir Masterworks, Inc.
Budget: 225k  |  Square footage: 1,425 + site
Info: This residence is interesting, and it has been under construction on and off for 10 years.  The project has been in the process of a full interior/exterior/front/back yard renovation…not one surface has been untouched.  New roof, front and back yards hardscape, soft scape and drought tolerant plants, every surface has been painted inside and out, all new windows and doors, all new electrical, 60 LED can lights, new siding and stucco, custom closets and built in furniture.   All that remains is the kitchen and 2 bath rooms.  The home was unlivable when first purchased but the client, and with many long hours or sweat equity, nights and weekends it has come alive with design and craftsmanship.